“Ms. Lang, I’m Detective Pope. I have some questions about your sister.” He held up a Denver PD badge.
“My sister? She’s dead. That was five years ago. Anything else?” She moved to shut the door.
The cop’s expression didn’t change. He put a foot in the door to keep it open. “We’d like to know what happened the night she was killed.”
Tati opened the door but didn’t let the cop into her apartment. “Look, Detective, like I said, that was five years ago. In Romania. We were camping and a dog or wolf or something attacked our tent. We tried to fight it off, but it just kept coming. I went through all of this with the local cops.” She closed her eyes and thought for a moment. “There was a Romanian detective. His name was Moranu or Morsanu or something. I probably still have his card somewhere.”
“Detective Inspector Muresanu. We have his report.”
Tati straightened. “If you have his report why are you talking to me? What’s going on? Why do you have a five-year old police report from Romania? Did you track down the wolf?”
“That’s funny, Ms. Lang.” He wasn’t smiling.


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